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Just for fun!!

Our website christmas decorations will change each week. Keep checking back to see the new changes.

Some Christmas fun downloads to spruce up your desktop.

These are small files that run from the un zipped folder. The snow and the Christmas tree can be used together or the Christmas lights with the tree. Don’t use the lights with the snow as it causes a small conflict that makes the lights flicker to fast.

Desktop Snow will make it snow on your desktop.

Christmas Lights will enable a set of adjustable Christmas lights accross the top of your desk top.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree will enable a movable Christmas tree with lights and stars on your desk top. Just left click and drag to your tree to the desired position. Click the link below to download.

Christmas Tree

Small Game: Elf Bowling. No instalation needed just run from the unzipped folder.

Elf Bowling Game

WS Woodmachinery
November 30, 2018

Recently installed for a customer! A Fantastic wood waste burning heater


Wood Waste Burning Heater

Wood Waste Burning Heater