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Production Line Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Systems

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Production Line Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Systems

Production Line Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Systems. Machines for industrial manufacturers. Manual, semi automatic and fully automated systems. Contact WS Wood Machinery Ltd for advice and information on your requirements for a production line system.


Manufacturing Systems

What do we need for a manufacturing system?

  • A collection of integrated equipment.
  • Production machines.
  • Tools, fixtures and other related hardware.
  • Material handling system.
  • Computer system for coordination and / or control.
  • Human resources to perform one or more processing and / or assembly operations.
  • Raw materials, parts or a set of parts.


Most manufacturing in modern day manufacturing systems is done by machines of one form or another. Machines can be classified according to worker participation in the task, manually operated, semi automated, or fully automated.


Computer Control Systems

Computer systems are an integral part of automated manufacturing.They are required to control fully-automated and semi-automated equipment as well as participate in overall co-ordination and management of the manufacturing system.


Functions Utilised In Computer Automated Manufacturing:

  • communication of instructions to workers.
  • Downloading of workpart programmes.
  • Control of the material handling system.
  • Scheduling of production.
  • Dagnosis of failures.
  • Monitoring of safety.
  • Maintenance of quality control.
  • Management of operations.


For more information on production line industrial machinery manufacturing systems call now on 01236 432 700, email info@wswoodmachinery.com or just click on the add to quote button of your selected machine to fill out a short enquiry form.