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Featured Products. W S Wood Machinery have a wide range of wood working machinery in stock. Some featured products can save you money while others can be used to make money. Our main featured product is the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Wood Waste Biomass Boiler WW199. Imagine using your free wood waste to provide heat and hot water for your business. How much money would that save you each year? I’m sure, like me you would want one of these amazing systems. With this system the Government pays you a tariff to burn your waste wood. Check out the tariff chart on the product page to see what you could earn. Contact us for more information.

Another featured product is the 5 In One Combined Operation Machine Rojek KPSN 300A. The 5 In One Combined Operation Machine Rojek KPSN 300A is a fantastic multipurpose machine. Imagine owning a good strong industrial standard multi-function machine. Think of the money you will save with a machine that can be used like five different separate machines. One of the major benefits of a combined operation machine is the amount of space you will save. This 5 in one wood working machine can be used as a Panel Saw, Ripsaw, Tilting Spindle Moulder, Tenoner, Surface Straightening Planer and Thicknesser. The Panel saw is available with various lengths of sliding table, scoring unit standard.